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Hydro Excavation


Hydro excavation – pressurized
water and industrial strength vacuum.

As hydro excavation safely breaks up soil, the soil and water slurry is conveyed by vacuum to a debris tank.

Hydro excavation avoids the risks associated with underground pipes and cables (and even tree roots). This process safe and accurate and therefore there is no need to worry about expensive repairs to existing services. The cost of hydro excavation is less than conventional excavation methods.

The process is safe and because reduces the costs involved in earthwork projects, the benefits can hardly be underestimated.

With our specialised equipment, Unblock NZ provides CCTV drainage inspections (our eyes underground) with a very accurate diagnostic report of your drains in addition with recordings to show the current conditions of your drains. All footage is recorded and provided to you.

CCTV drain inspections can be performed in drainpipe sizes ranging from 100mm pipe size and up. All cameras can be accurately tracked from above and the position in the drainage system of any defects or blockages can be marked for future reference, or permanently repaired.

We can also provide CCTV house drain surveys and provide asbuilt drawings of the existing drainage. Auckland Council require this when applying for consent when modifying existing house drainage and there are no historical plans available.

Unblock NZ

Unblock NZ can carry out all your hydro excavator/vacuum requirements such as:

    • Cesspit/sump cleaning
    • Soakhole maintenance
    • Septic tank cleaning
  • Services excavation
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An Unblock specialist is available 24 hours a day. For an obligation FREE quote contact the blocked drain specialists on 0508 FREEFLOW, or use our online booking tool.

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A specialist drain unblocker is available 24 hours a day. For an obligation FREE quote contact the blocked drain specialists on 0508 37 3335.