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Drain Surveys | Drain Reporting | Unblock NZ
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Drain Surveys/Reporting


Colour drain surveys in approved formats

If you are preparing for a new build or
renovation, a Drain CCTV Survey
may be required.

We use the latest reporting software by Kummert, to comply with Auckland Council and Watercare requirements for buildovers and the like. A detailed report is generated, which can immediately be sent to the required authority from our cloud backup system, saving you time especially if there is urgency.

We can also undertake CCTV house drain surveys and provide asbuilt drawings of the existing drainage. Auckland Council require this when applying for consent to modify an existing house drainage and there are no historical plans available.

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Pre-purchase Drain
CCTV Inspections

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south auckland, central auckland, north shore,
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A specialist drain unblocker is available 24 hours a day. For an obligation FREE quote contact the blocked drain specialists on 0508 37 3335.