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Unblock NZ

What is a CCTV and do I require it?

A drain CCTV is where we insert our specialist camera equipment into the your drain pipes. There are a number of reasons you would require this for example, checking the location and condition of drainage before building or renovating or to find a fault or blockage, we can locate the camera underground with pinpoint accuracy.

I have a blocked cesspit, what is the process?

This could be as simple as cleaning out the silt and dirt at the bottom of the cesspit, or the outlet could be blocked. A hydrojet unblock is required.

If you are unable to successfully unblock my drain, what is the next step?

We would then put the camera down the line and locate where the blockage is. This would need to be excavated and replaced.

Can you locate drains that we are building over?

Yes our camera is able to locate the position and depth of drains. From here, we can provide an as built drainage plan to show where the pipes and drains are on your property.

Do you offer an annual drain cleaning service?

Yes we can set you up on our database which will send out a reminder. Please give us a call to arrange this.

Do you do after hour or emergency call outs?

Yes, please fill out our online booking form to save 10%.

I have a bad smell coming from my drain but it doesn’t seem blocked?

This could indicate the start of a build-up of material which could lead to a blockage in the future. We recommend getting this cleared to avoid any future problems.

Do you provide new drainage or drainage repair services?

Yes we can quote to repair your drain at a fixed cost

Can you conduct a pre-purchase house drain inspection?

Yes, please give us a call to arrange this.

Can you guarantee your work?

Unless a CCTV is also conducted, we are unable to be certain the drain is completely clear. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Why Choose Unblock NZ?

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A specialist drain unblocker is available 24 hours a day.
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