Drain UnBlockers Auckland | CCTV Drain Inspection | Unblock NZ
Drain UnBlockers Auckland | CCTV Drain Inspection | Unblock NZ
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Drain UnBlockers Auckland


UnBlock NZ, Drain Unblockers Auckland, your unblocking specialists

Unblock NZ offer a range of CCTV drain inspection and drainpipe unblocking solutions that can be used for almost every application.

We’ve invested heavily in our technology and training to bring you the best CCTV drain inspection service available in the market today, and all our cameras can be traced to save you time and money with guessing where your drainage problem maybe.

Our CCTV cameras deliver full colour video and are instantly available on DVD to allow us to immediately identify and remedy your drain’s problem.

All of our drainage technicians are highly trained, with over 40 years combined experience in the plumbing & drainage industry – locating drain pipe faults and tracing complex sewer systems has never been more accurate, reliable or cost-effective.

Unblock NZ

drain unblockers auckland

Drains blocked and backing up? We are the blocked drains specialists

Blocked drains? We are the specialists in unblocking drains. We have a combined experience of over 40 years in CCTV inspections, drain laying and civil works experience, affording us a wide range of knowledge to solve your drainage issue in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are able to offer a full package of problem identification and recommendation on drainage repairs.

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When experience counts Unblock NZ are your one stop shop for anything drainage

Unblock NZ Drain Flush

We take a forward thinking approach to busines, and are often called upon for our “no problems, only solutions” attitude to jobs here in Auckland.

We use only the most modern and reliable equipment so that we can provide our clients with the most professional and top quality work available.

If your drain needs repairing we can quote competitive rates to fix the problem right away, saving you money, and hassle later on. Drain repairs are often made by replacing a section of the pipe at the site of the root intrusion or damaged area. This is the best solution and a permanent fix in most cases.

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Unblocking Drains in:

south auckland, central auckland, north shore,
West auckland, east auckland & franklin

Why Choose Unblock NZ?

No problems, only solutions attitude

Fast professional service

Competitive rates

Available 24/7 Auckland Wide

Modern and reliable equipment


A specialist drain unblocker is available 24 hours a day. For an obligation FREE quote contact the blocked drain specialists on 0508 37 3335.